Guaranteed Returns®

Guaranteed Returns® founded the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution Industry in 1986 providing the best possible Pharmaceutical Returns Management Program in the industry. In 2007, Guaranteed Returns® built a priceless relationship with Emil Guirgis and EMG Security Services.

Mr. Guirgis has been our exclusive security consultant along with his very capable management staff. EMG Security has provided Guaranteed Returns® with a security staff comprised of active and retired law enforcement professionals with the training and expertise to handle all aspects of our security

In addition to protecting our facilities, acting as first responders during medical emergencies and providing loss prevention services, EMG Security has provided armed guard over-the-road-escorts of drugs in transit.

It has been our pleasure working with Mr. Guirgis and his friendly staff. I do not hesitate in recommending EMG Security to anyone who might need their professional assistance in investigations, security or executive protection.


Dean Volkes

Martha Clara Vineyards

We have used EMG Security since June 2012. EMG has provided courteous and professional service for all of our security needs. Their professional team has provided security for our small elegant private affairs to our 3,500+ person beer festival. We utilize them weekly during our weekend business hours and they have helped improve the overall customer experience by maintaining a safe environment. Whether your event is large or small EMG can provide professional reliable service. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you.


Juan E.Micieli-Martinez
General Manager and Winemaker

Oak Ridge Hollow, LLC

Because of break-in issues in our newly constructed home models and parking lot, I had employed the services of a uniformed security company. Unfortunately, the officers failed to observe any criminal activity. Moreover, their presence proved to be little deterrent to criminals in the lot.

I contacted Emil Guirgis of the EMG Security Services.  Mr. Guirgis immediately conducted a security assessment and developed a security strategy using a camera system and his employees to address our crime problem. Mr. Guirgis and his team regained control of my construction site and parking lot in a very short order and continue to make my property safe for my employees and customers. While I was aware of some of the crimes being committed on my property I am still sometimes amazed at the criminal activity thwarted by Mr. Guirgis and his staff.

Mr. Guirgis and his staff members are very professional. From their discreet surveillance and contact with the criminal suspects, they maintain a low key approach. None of my potential regular customers were inconvenienced by their work. They maintained close contact with Suffolk Police and seem to have an excellent reputation within the law enforcement community as well as the business community.

Personally, Mr. Guirgis is a delight to deal with. He is direct, committed and pleasant.  Because of his services, criminal activity on our property has been completely eliminated.
I strongly recommend Mr. Guirgis and EMG Security to any business owner seeking professional crime prevention services.


Katherine Aronson

Shri Paramhans Advait Mat

EMG Security was contracted by our Dix Hills, New York congregation from August 30, 2013 till September 4, 2013. The reason arose due to the visitation of our beloved Pope Dasrhan Puran Anand and his staff of priests from Dubai. Our Temple was expecting thousands of visitors from throughout the United States.

EMG Security has the responsibility of providing personal protection services and transportation to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport. Upon arrival to our temple, EMG Security was responsible for all traffic control, parking, and crowd control.

Our staff and event organizers for this very rare visit from our Pope were extremely pleased with the organizational skills and security experience of owner Emil Guirgis and his manager George Costa. They gave us valuable advice and made some very useful suggestions. They showed genuine care with the service they were providing. Their security staff members were very respectful and professional. They showed their experience while dealing with the thousands of very excited visitors. 

Upon completion of the Pope's New York visit, EMG Security members traveled and continued their protection services for the Pope at our Temple located at College Park in Maryland.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend EMG Security to anyone requiring security services.


Dinesh Sabharwal

Melrose Credit Union

We have been using EMG Security for our Saturday hours and are very pleased. The office staff was helpful as we followed our Vendor Due Diligence procedure before signing the contract. The security guards are reliable, punctual, polite, and professional. They fulfill our stated needs and even made suggestions for our benefit. I would recommend EMG Security to anyone looking for security guards


Alan Kaufman,

Sunrise Station LLC

Just over a year ago we contacted your company because we were having issues of vandalism, at our shopping center in Bellport. Since you and your staff have been running security at our center, we have had no more problems. Your staff has been very efficient and has stopped many potential threats before they were able to become a real problem.

Our center is now a safe environment for our tenants and shoppers. Keep up the good work.


Martha Zarro

D.H. Jaffe, Great Neck, NY

EMG Security does a great job in protecting property. EMG Security showed up when needed, provided the necessary security services and was always ready to “go the extra mile” to make sure that everything was as it should be. Every time EMG Security visited my property, they reported on conditions in my house which gave me great piece of mind. Their fees were very reasonable and they were both courteous and thoughtful. I would recommend EMG Security to anyone whose property needs a little, or a lot, extra watching.

D.H. Jaffe