Commercial Alarm Response

Alarm response and Key-holder service for your  business available 24/7. We respond when your alarm system activates fast and immediately. We investigate the cause of activation and take the action that is needed to resolve the situation.

Police and Fire Departments respond to multiple alarms daily. Sometimes lack of manpower causes slow response times. With EMG Security, when your alarm activates, we respond immediately, and with your key in hand we assist police and fire with interior searches. If we come upon a problem, you will be notified immediately.

Commercial Security

Guard Booth Services

  • EMG Security patrol services are very popular for residential communities, commercial properties and construction sites. We also offer guard booth services for gated communities such as condo or apartment complexes.

Employee Escorts

  •  Our commercial security services include employee escorts.  Money drops, merchandise transportation and security presence during the opening and closing hours of business

Reduce Your Exposure To Liability

·         EMG Security is licensed, bonded and insured. While some firms hire off duty police officers for security protection, they fail to realize that those officers are not insured when employed as security guards. With EMG Security, your management staff and organization can be added as additional insured on our liability insurance. This is “peace of mind”.

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