Mobile Patrols & Property Checks


We offer Mobile Patrol which is a roving security service based out of a marked, high profile security vehicle. This service will shuttle between different properties and make rounds to individual properties that are on a designated route. These property checks are available as many times as the client wishes at any time during the day or night. With our vehicle patrols, the cost is much lower than a full time security guard, while still providing a high security presence.

We offer our private patrol services so that you can have your commercial property or your residence randomly monitored by someone you can trust throughout the day or night. We are available to do these patrols 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

  • About EMG Security Patrol Services Our random mobile security patrols are very popular for residential, commercial, industrial and construction sites. We offer residential community patrols for gated communities, condo or apartment complexes. Our commercial patrol service includes employee escorts, bank deposit drops and security presence during the opening and closing hours of business. We can also have a dedicated security patrol that will stay on site for you and give you that full time security presence. We even offer a marine based security patrol for waterfront properties and marinas.

With EMG Security, you are going to get a licensed agent that is able to monitor your building and parking areas and watch for any goods or equipment that may be at risk of theft or damage. If our officer observes any suspicious people or abnormal activity, he will remain on the property and immediately notify you and or the police if necessary. At EMG Security, we work closely with local law enforcement so that we are able to better serve the community and prevent crimes from happening.

Using an experienced private security firm for protection services is important. Today, many police forces are dealing with lower budgets, and man power shortages. Private security is of great value when it comes to personal safety and having the peace of mind that someone you can trust is keeping an eye on your establishment and valuables during your absence.